Gluten Free Options

Well, what’s good news for everyone else—is unfortunate for those who need to eat gluten-free. The fact is that we hand fry all of our chips, salad bowls, bandido shells, taco shells & tostada shells daily. While most of these tortillas are made of corn, we fry a pretty good sized stack of flour tortillas as well. That means that cross-contamination is an issue and you need to watch out for anything that is fried. Unfortunately, that means that our fries are not gluten-free. Likewise, anything with nacho chips, taco shells, or tostada shells are also not gluten free. We are working to eliminate this cross-contamination problem and increase the number of items that are gluten-free. Until then, we recommend the following items:

  • Cheese enchilada
  • Meat enchilada
  • Chicken enchilada
  • Mexi Salad (ask for no chips in the bottom)
  • Soft Corn Taco (ask for your tortilla to be microwaved instead of dipped in oil)

Keep in mind that we make your food after you’ve ordered it. That means that you can alter any item to meet your health needs. We sell a fair amount of hamburgers without buns and bean burritos on microwaved corn tortillas. If you can think it up, we are happy to build it for you!

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